Android Debug Bridge (adb)

Uninstall App

1. Find/check the package name:

$ adb shell pm list packages | grep <package>

2. Uninstall app keeping the data and cache directories after package removal:

$ adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package>

Connect to a Device over Wi-Fi

Start a terminal emulator app on the device.

$ su

# setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555

# start adbd

Find the IP address of the Android device. Usually, it can be found at Settings > About device > Status > IP address. In my case, IP of the device was

Connect the host computer to the Android device:

$ adb connect
* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
* daemon started successfully
connected to

To check that the device is listed in the list of attached devices:

$ adb devices
List of devices attached device

Now, both Android device and computer are ready.

Some steps are needed after the completion of all desired changes on the device.

On the host computer:

$ adb disconnect

$ adb kill-server

On the device:

# stop adbd

(Optionally) to go back to USB listening:

# setprop service.adb.tcp.port -1

Send commands to a specific device

$ adb devices
List of devices attached
emulator-5554 device
emulator-5555 device

To start shell on emulator-5555:

$ adb -s emulator-5555 shell

Configure VirtualBox for Listening ADB Connections

Settings > Network > Advanced > Port Forwarding:

Protocol: TCP
Host IP: (empty)
Host Port: 5555
Guest IP: (empty)
Guest Port: 5555

$ adb connect localhost:5555
$ adb -s localhost:5555 shell


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