Cross-Platform Software

File Managers

Total Commander File manager Windows Android

Double Commander Open source file manager Linux Windows macOS

7-Zip file archiver Windows Linux

Password Manager

KeePassXC Password manager Linux Windows macOS

Web Browsers

Firefox Windows Linux macOS Android

Chromium Windows Linux macOS Android

E-Mail Clients

Thunderbird Windows Linux macOS

Sylpheed Lightweight email client Linux Windows macOS

Network Tools

FileZilla Client FTP, FTPS and SFTP client Windows Linux macOS

Wireshark Network protocol analyzer Linux Windows macOS


GoldenDict dictionary supporting multiple formats (StarDict/Babylon/Lingvo/Dictd) and online dictionaries Linux Windows

Anki Anki is a program which makes remembering things easy Linux Windows Android macOS


LibreOffice Open Source office suite Linux Windows macOS

JabRef A citation and reference management tool Windows Linux macOS


Taskwarrior Command line Task Management Linux Windows macOS

Rainlendar Calendar application Windows Linux macOS

Text Editors

Geany Text editor with basic IDE features Linux Windows macOS

Vim Highly configurable text editor Linux Windows macOS


MiKTeXTeX distribution Windows Linux macOS

TeXstudio An integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents Windows Linux macOS


GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program Linux Windows macOS

Inkscape Vector graphics editor Linux Windows macOS


VLC Multimedia player Linux Windows macOS Android

Audacity Easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder Linux Windows macOS


Visual Studio Code Windows Linux macOS

Microsoft Visual Studio Windows Linux macOS

NetBeans IDE Open-source IDE supports Java, C/C++, php, JavaScript, HTML5 Linux Windows macOS

Python programming language Linux Windows macOS

ROOT C++ data analysis framework Linux Windows macOS

Git version control system Linux Windows macOS

Meld diff and merge tool Linux Windows macOS

SQLiteStudio SQLite database manager Linux Windows macOS