BIOS Update

You downloaded Windows executable BIOS update file bios.exe. How to update the BIOS under Linux?

1. Download FreeDOS archive of bootable image

$ wget

2. Extract the archive

$ unzip

3. Write the image to USB stick

Determine which of /dev/sdX is your USB stick

# fdisk -l

In my case the USB stick is device /dev/sdb

Write the image directly to the device

# dd if=FD12FULL.img of=/dev/sdb status=progress

4. Mount USB stick

5. Copy bios.exe to USB stick

$ cp bios.exe /media/user-name/FD-SETUP/

6. Unmount USB stick and reboot

7. In the FreeDOS live installation environment you will be prompted to install FreeDOS, select "No - Return to DOS"

8. Run bios.exe

The status of update process is displayed on the screen. PC is rebooted automatically at the end of upgrade.


Flashing BIOS from Linux - ArchWiki