Usage Examples

To list content of directory without information about owner and group with chosen time format and grouping directories before files:

$ ls -go --time-style=+"%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S" --group-directories-first

Other useful options:

-a   - show all
-tr   - sort by time, most recent last
-Sr   - sort by size, biggest last
-Z   - display security context
-n   - list numeric user and group IDs

To list directories only:

$ ls -d */


ls colors are defined in $HOME/.dircolors. Some nice color schemes can be found at dircolors-solarized.

16 and 256 colour palettes

System colors:
Color cube, 6x6x6:
Grayscale ramp:

xterm supports RGB colours by mapping to the nearest colour in the 256 palette. The color can be set via 38;2;$R:$G;$B