1. Download Zoom client from Zoom Download Center selecting in Linux Type: "Other Linux OS".

Note: Debian users can install the version for Linux Type "Debian", but that type of installation requires installation of ibus packages. ibus-daemon and ibus services are always running in background on every system start. The killing ibus* results in issues. For example, in case of using Openbox, the exit from Openbox session stops working, the windows are frozen after unlocking screen using dm-tool lock. Therefore, I prefer to use Zoom version for "Other Linux OS" that doesn't require ibus "staff".

2. Install needed for zoom package:

# apt install libxcb-xtest0

3. Unpack zoom*.tar.gz

$ su -
# cd /opt
# cp /path/to/zoom.tar.gz .
# tar xf zoom.tar.gz
# chown -R root:root zoom
# rm zoom.tar.gz

4. Create executable shell script $HOME/bin/zoom:

cd /opt/zoom
./zoom &

To start simply type zoom in terminal.

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