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Show all deleted and completed tasks

List deleted and completed tasks:

task status:deleted or status:completed all

Undo a done task

To change the status of completed task to pending [Tom Ordonez]:

1. Find UUID of the task you want to bring back

task completed

2. Modify status:

task ⟨UUID⟩ modify status:pending

Purge completed/deleted tasks

Script to purge all completed and deleted tasks

Update overdue tasks

Update all overdue tasks [Tom Ordonez]:

task +OVERDUE mod due:today

Filter based on tags

List tasks tagged as work or home:

task tag~work or tag~home list

Recently added

Show tasks added in last 3 days:

task entry.after:today-3days list

Waiting tasks

task ⟨ID⟩ modify wait:⟨date-and/or-time⟩

List waiting tasks:

task waiting

Check colors

task color legend

List all tags

task _tags

The virtual tags are all upper case. Customs tags can be anything that doesn't intersect with virtual tags, so it's a good idea to keep them lower case, but not required.