Welcome to Andriy Ushakov's Website!

Here you can find information about me and my notes on some software tools/applications in Linux, MS Windows and Android.

Latest Changes

2023-09-10   Added note on curl and wget tools for file transfer.

2023-07-23   Updated list of my publications and talks.

2023-06-19   Added Everything to locate files and folders by name instantly (MS Windows).

2022-08-17   Added Logcat Reader to the list of Android applications.

2021-12-26   Added TaskwarriorCommand line Task Management to the list of cross-platform software.

2021-06-26   Updated how to add Unicode characters in vim.

2021-06-26   Updated how to reduce size of pdf file.

2021-06-26   Updated how to spindown mechanical hard drive in Linux.

2021-03-10   Added Simple Contacts and Simple Dialer to the list of Android applications.

2021-02-28   Added how to get instant (push) notifications when you get new emails without running email client in the background or if the client does not support IMAP IDLE.

2021-02-20   Added how to update BIOS.

2021-02-18   Added how to OCR scanned PDFs.

2021-02-14   Updated how to hot plug/unplug eSATA drives in Linux.

2021-02-13   Added a note on zsh shortcuts .

2021-02-08   Updated zsh notes.

2020-10-26   Added feed reader Feedbro to the list of Firefox extensions.

2020-10-16   Added how to save web page as PDF preserving formatting and hyperlinks.

2020-10-11   Added Thunderbird page.

2020-09-25   Added Iceraven Browser to the list of Android applications.

2019-12-18   Added FairEmail to the list of Android applications.

2019-12-17   Added a note on Android Debug Bridge (adb).

2019-12-17   Added NetGuard (no-root firewall) to the list of Android applications.

2019-12-05   Added Linux Security page.

2019-12-05   Added to PDF Tools how to compare two pdf files, merge pdfs and etc.

2019-11-20   Added Android-x86 to the Android page.

2019-04-25   Updated Chromium note.

2019-04-22   Added a few examples of using find and grep.

2019-02-24   Added how to remove translations in Debian.

2019-02-23   Added note on SSH Server (Debian).

2019-02-16   Added GoldenDict to the list of cross-platform software.

2018-02-22   Added Simple Calendar to the list of Android applications.

2017-02-19   Added Firefox page.

2017-08-31   Added some information on working with lines in Vim.